Let's See

"About me" was the first essay topic I wrote when I first started school. These days, it still remains as popular as it is. This question was asked during the interviews, admission of universities even the networking sessions. Most of the time, I have the most ideal induction of myself. However, deep down in me, I felt that this is the question I could spend my entire life to deal with. Let's see. I started in an ordinary school in Malaysia, with an absolutely ridiculous boy-ish hairstyle. My parents refused to let me have my long hair as they thought short hair symbolizes good student. So, with that nerdy hairstyle, I went through uncountable mocking battles and teases in schools. It took me some time to realize that beautiful faces do give you some leeway. I got to the university for my bachelor of law. I was such a fashion dummy and I got my style completely wrong again. Having most of my time focused on my studies, it finally paid off. I got the offer from University of Cambridge and that was the best part of my life.

Why Lexinder.L?

Since young, I have buried my head in the books. I loved reading. Yes! Loved. I used to spend hours in the library to read up the books I love or I could finish four "Harry Potter" books during a car journey. However, this stopped when I started my law degree. Cases, law journals, textbooks, statutes and lecture notes had seemed to be my only reading materials. I was too focused on my study but it also at the same time killed my reading spirit. I know those stuff would get my great marks but something was lacking - Joy. Things started to change when I got to Cambridge. The surrounding made me to revise my intention of reading. Soon enough I realized that I was so busy studying and I forgot about learning. What's the difference? Yea, I didn't know the difference until I attended the orientation in Cambridge. The people here are knowledgeable, not only in the field they specialize in but also in other aspects of life. So, learning is the genuine intention of wanting to know and studying is nothing more than a routine of imparting yourself with information. At least that's what I have discovered. I started "Lexinder.L" officially last year while I was working in a law firm. I would say that was the saddest moment in my life. I never hate my life so much. Waking up in the morning in exhaustion and holding the urge of smashing the desktop made me realize that these were not healthy. I had no idea on what I was doing apart from working day by day. I started to wonder whether I still had some residual love for law or simply this is not the path for me. At that moment, I missed Cambridge dearly. I didn't understand why the love for law that I had built in Cambridge couldn't be carried on here. So, to reminisce the great time in UK, I built "Lexinder.L".

What is Lexinder.L?

Lexinder. L is my personal blog that has recorded my stories, pictures I love, places I have been to, people I miss and some inspirations that I found to make a better tomorrow. "Lexinder.L" is where I find the love of reading and writing again. I learn to step out off my comfort zone to try new things, to appreciate the little great things in life and to see the world a little differently from a better side. I continue to believe "law of attraction" which means "what you think is what you attract." "Lexinder.L" is just a platform which allows me to share my feelings and thoughts but I believe that it could serve a greater purpose by giving a beam of light to someone out there who is as lost as I used to be. Life is great when you start to give a meaning to it. Hope you enjoy reading my stories.