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April 30, 2017
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This post is contributed by a guest – Keey

Travelling solo is fun but travelling with friends makes it better. I am a coffee lover, so while travelling to Ireland, I didn’t forget to try Irish coffee.

1. Esquires Coffee, Dublin

“Great coffee helps :)”Esquires Coffee. Indeed. Our first coffee stop when we first arrived in Dublin is this franchise coffee shop. Its environment definitely matches the quality of its coffee. Esquires Coffee is located at 16a O’Connell Street Lower, (Beside Savoy Cinema), Dublin 1, Dublin, Ireland. Esquires Coffee has a very cute website. Check it out.
Latte, mocha with apple & cinnamon muffin.

2. Quays Irish Restaurant, Dublin

Irish coffee (coffee with alcohol) is a must in Ireland. From here I discover coffee with whiskey isn’t taste weird at all! Quays Irish Restaurant is located at 12 Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland.  Apart from the coffee, “Quays” also serves traditional Irish dishes like Irish Stew, Famous Wicklow Lamb Shank, Dublin Coddle, Cottage Pie and Slow Cooked Beef and Guinness Stew. Check out its website for its menu.

3. Underground Cafe, Killarney

“Underground cafe” is a good place for afternoon tea. It is a small coffee shop with simple decorations at the corner of the Main Street of Killarney. Killarney is a beautiful little town which is populated with enthusiastic and welcoming people. If you visit Ireland, Killarney is a great place to pay a visit as Killarney is named one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world in 2016. You will be surprised.
Instead of coffee, we decided to give a try on the chai latte this time.

4. The Jungle Cafe, Galway

Galway is different from Killarney as Galway is a harbour city on Ireland’s west coast. Arriving in Galway, we stopped at this special cafe. So, are you fancy having coffee in the middle of the jungle? The Jungle Cafe in Galway, Ireland certainly offers a forest-like environment for coffee lovers. You can’t help with the tropical feelings walking pass through the little palm trees around the cafe.  “Jungle Cafe” is located at 29 Forster St, Galway, Ireland. Jungle Cafe spares the coffee lovers another kind of experience apart from impressing them with good coffee.
As usual, one latte and one mocha. It was best to have a sip of coffee while enjoying sunlight shining through the transparent roof.

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