What To Do around Darling Harbour, Sydney?

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February 18, 2017
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February 25, 2017

Darling Harbour

There are many ways to get to Darling Harbour. I went to Darling Harbour earlier on but I didn’t really have the chance to walk around the harbour. So one of the fine evenings, I chose to get down from Town Hall train station this time since it is the closest train station to Darling Harbour. I found my way to Cockle Bay. As you can see there were “Australia Day” banners everywhere on the Pyrmont Bridge as 26 January is the Australia Day.

Cockle Bay

At first, I was just following the crowd and luck brought me to Pyrmont Bridge. I like the feeling of walking around not following any maps. I know probably it is a good idea but I have been told that Sydney is quite safe. Pyrmont Bridge crosses Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour from Sydney CBD to Pyrmont. Even though I allowed myself to explore as freely as possible, I still had an idea where I wanted to be at the back of my head. Without knowing it ahead, I was surprised that Pyrmont Bridge is an electronically operated swing span bridge. Despite I didn’t get to witness its “swing” but I was still amazed by the view along the bridge.

Australian National Maritime Museum

Sadly, the museum was closed when I arrived at the harbour. Luckily, there were still many things to look at outside the museum. The museum is located at Murray Street. It is not too difficult to find if you are walking around the Darling Harbour. If you want to plan your visit, make sure you get into the museum before 5.p.m or earlier. There weren’t many people around the museum because it was closed.

So, I decided to take lots of selfies as there were many cool boats and huge ships near the wharf. It wasn’t easy to take nice pictures of myself when I was travelling alone. Embarrassing enough, probably my stupidity had attracted some sympathies from a worker sitting in front of the museum (I had no idea he was there until he offered to take a picture for me). However, I politely declined as I was just afraid he might turn out to be a bad guy (just being cautious. T.T).

After walking for almost 45 minutes, I arrived at the casino – The Star. Someone told me that there is a nice buffet in the casino and I should definitely check it out. However, I was stopped by the security guard, asking for me to show my passport. Yea, that was the time I really despise my childish face. Eventually, I had to give up going to the casino since I didn’t have my passport with me. Next time, if you want to go to the casino, make sure you dress up old enough or remember to have your ID with you. Lesson learnt (probably it was good for me to walk away too!)



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