A Ballad Sung in Balloch, Scotland

February 8, 2018
Cameron House, Loch Lomond
February 5, 2018
From Riverside Museum to South Portland Street Suspension Bridge, Glasgow
February 12, 2018

Loch Lomond Shores Walk

Planning outdoor activities in Scotland is always a gamble. We always ended up taking a risk for going on a road trip despite the warning of a showery day. So our innumerable checks on the weather forecast were totally pointless. Our plan was to visit a place called ‘The Proposal Beach’ at Balloch.
Lewis showed me the name of this place on the Google map when we first arrived at the shore. However, for some reasons, there was no way for me to find the same name of this location on Google map after our trip. (Weird)
We could see a concrete pathway stretching to the loch. There is sculpture trail along the shores which makes it a great place for joggers. Loch Lomond Shores is also a paradise for dogs.
We saw a lady playing fetch with her dog beside the shores. Surprisingly, the cold weather didn’t stop her dog from jumping into the loch to fetch its toy.
I, on the other hand, was pretty cautious while walking along the shores. One misstep and I could vanish into an icy water. Lewis said he swims like a rock, so I don’t think he could save me. lol

Balloch Castle Country Park

The Balloch Country Park is not too far away from the Loch Lomond Shores. We took a circular walk through the country park and had a great view from the top of the hill.
We met many Scottish couples walking their dogs and they were really friendly. Whenever they passed by us, they spared us the warmest smile and morning greet. Robins chirped, ballads were sung, a morning stroll at Balloch Country Park was perfectly tranquil.
We couldn’t miss Balloch Castle as it’s located right on top of the hill. The present castle was built as a residence in 1808–1809. However, we didn’t get to enter the castle as there’s nothing left of the castle itself. Since the castle is still well-preserved from the outside, we took a couple of pictures and sat on the bench in front of the castle.
After half an hour, we decided to leave. At the bottom of the hill, I could see the castle was silhouetted against the sky. Beautiful.

The Oak Tree Inn, Balmaha

Leaving Balloch, we headed to Balmaha. It was a random plan as we were just looking for the next location which is nearby.
We coincidentally came to Oak Tree Inn which is an independent pub and restaurant bar. Attracted by its design, we decided to stop by for lunch. This inn is also a B&B, run by a family. It has a great location.
Address: The Oak Tree Inn, Balmaha, Loch Lomond, G63 0JQ

Balmaha Millennium Forest path

After our lunch, we started a walk to explore the village of Balmaha. There is a waymarked path which leads to Milarrochy Bay. Apparently, Milarrochy Bay is a popular campsite. We, of course, didn’t see anyone camping as it was winter. With mountains in the background, a lone tree in the loch, Milorrochy is also a love of photographers.

We walked for almost 20 minutes and arrived the Balmaha pier. I always enjoy the picturesque view but Lewis finds this surrounding too common. He couldn’t understand why I was so fascinated by this type of view. It’s just like how I couldn’t understand how he finds the stilted houses in Vietnam interesting. Z(>.<)Z

End of the post. I am currently writing this post while listening to ‘So Far Away’ by David Guetta and Jamie Scott. That’s how I feel every single day.


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