Beauty and the Beast in Edinburgh – You Will Love Both

Photo Diary – Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire
April 5, 2017
华丽都市 –米兰 – Magnificent Milan
April 21, 2017

Lunch at Ryan’s Bar

We had picked to have lunch at Ryan’s Bar, Edinburgh and it turned up to be quite well except it was really busy during lunch hour. It took quite awhile for the food to be served. I ordered BBQ Pulled Pork Wraps which only costs £8.25. There was the tender pulled pork bound in BBQ sauce and smoked cheese. I couldn’t remember what did Lewis order but it seemed like a pork belly. I would say it was not a too expensive place to have lunch as I really love the atmosphere in the bar. Ryan’s Bar has an ornate vaulted ceiling which makes it unique.  The food was good.

  • Address: Hope St, Edinburgh EH2 4DB, UK
  • Phone: +44 131 226 6669
  • Menu:

Edinburgh Castle

Walking towards East Princes St Gardens, we got a good view of Edinburgh Castle. You can never miss this view as it dominates the skyline of the city of Edinburgh. The castle is located a volcanic plug in the middle of Edinburgh which called “Castle Rock”. Sounds cool right? I tried to take a clearer picture of it but due to the gloomy weather, the sky appeared to be a little bit grey. I find it a haunting beauty as it still stands elegantly even after more than a thousand years. Edinburgh Castle is a place worth a visit.
(prices may change after March 2018)

  • Adult (16 – 59 yrs) £17.00
  • Child (5 – 15 yrs) £10.20
  • Concession (60 yrs+ and unemployed)* £13.60

Arthur’s Seat

After meeting my sister, we were actually planning to go for hiking at Arthur’s Seat. Initially, she told me that it’s not a big hill so I was pretty excited about it. However, after walking around the Royal Botanic Garden in the morning, I couldn’t feel my legs anymore. Apart from that, the moment when I saw what “Arthur’s Seat” is,  it’s definitely not a small hill. lol.

Due to the cold weather (just as my excuse), we decided not to go for hiking. However, if you are interested in hiking and getting a view of Edinburgh from the top of the hill, Arthur’s Seat probably is the best place to be as it is the main peak of the group of hills in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Legends of King Arthur

Why is it called “Arthur’s Seat”? hehe..It sounds interesting. Some people said its name is derived from legends relating to King Arthur. Some said it was proposed by William Maitland that the name was a corruption of Àrd-na-Said, implying the “Height of Arrows”, which became Arthur’s Seat later on (perhaps via “Archer’s Seat”). Personally, I think the proposed etymology of Àrd-thir Suidhe which carries the meaning of “place on high ground” suits this hill the most. If you are interested to know more about Arthur’s Seat, don’t forget to read “Seven facts you may not know about Arthur’s Seat”.

Scottish Parliament Building Since we had decided not to go hiking, my sister recommended us to go somewhere else.  After leaving Arthur’s Seat, I was attracted by the interesting architecture of some buildings at Holyrood. I was really amazed by the structure of the buildings. Lewis told me that it’s the Scottish Parliament which is actually located within the UNESCO World Heritage Site in central Edinburgh. Amazing! I would never believe it’s actually a parliament building.

The Scottish Parliament was designed by Enric Miralles, the Spanish Catalan architect. Unfortunately, Lewis wasn’t proud of its architecture as he said that it has been reported as one of the hideous buildings in the world. lol So, probably this is the “beast” in Edinburgh (sorry T.T).

Dynamic Earth

Dynamic Earth is literally just a few steps from the Scottish Parliament. Actually, I would expect the parliament to be located at somewhere more happening. We came to Dynamic Earth (as recommended by my sister). Dynamic Earth probably is a great place for kids has it offers them a chance to experience the primaeval forces of nature which shaped our planet. Unfortunately, it was closed that day so we didn’t get to enter. 🙁 If you’re interested, you have to buy the ticket online.

  • General prices: Adult (16+) – £13.50
  • Child (4-15) – £8.50
  • Concession – £11.75
  • Annual Explorer Pass – Adult (16+) – £29.00
  • Annual Explorer Pass – Child (4-15) – £18.00
  • Annual Explorer Pass – Concession – £25.00

“Argh! It’s not opened! Why? Let’s do a zombie walk.”

East Princes St Gardens

Feeling a little bit disappointed for not being able to enter to Dynamic Earth, we finally decided that we should head to the Christmas market at East Princes St Gardens. East Princes Street Gardens hosts the Big Wheel and the Star Flyer rides almost every year during Christmas. I remember the trip I made three years ago, I went the East Princes Street Gardens and I found the Big Wheel and the Star Flyer at the same location. There were a carousel bar and a Christmas market filled with bespoke goods.

We walked around and simply bought some snacks and desserts. I am always a fan of chocolate but I don’t really enjoy in the middle of the crowd. So, as you can see, Lewis and my sister gobbled all the waffles with chocolate and strawberry toppings.

In case you’re wondering what is the huge tower right beside the Star Flyer, it’s the Scott Monument which is dedicated to a Scottish writer, Sir Walter Scott. In fact, it is the largest monument to a writer in the world.

Santa Land is where you can find Christmas Tree Maze. The grotto is surrounded by Christmas sparkle and magic with the Elves workshop hidden inside the Christmas Tree Maze. From far, it looks absolutely magical with the magnificent buildings surrounding it.



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