Festival of the Winds 2017, Sydney

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One or Another

I was in the dilemma of choosing between attending Festival of the Winds at Bondi Beach or Colorfest Sydney at Sydney Showgrounds,  Olympic Park. Both events fell on the same day i.e. 10th September, Sunday. How awesome if they weren’t? 🙁 Oh well, that’s life, sometimes, you just gonna pick one.

Taking into account that I couldn’t wear my completely dried up contact lens to the Colorfest, I finally decided to choose the wind over the colours.

By the way, if you’re interested to check out what’s on in Sydney, the website of “What’s On” has the events stated.

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Golden Sand and Gaudy Kites

It wasn’t my first time at Bondi. I remember the first time I was here, I was with my boss. Don’t get me wrong. Outside work, Aussie boss can be your friend too.

However, this time, I came here alone. The event started at 11 o’clock in the morning. I thought it would be just nice for me to be there around 12 noon. I was wrong.

While I was sitting on the train to Bondi Junction, I could hear whispers about Bondi, Bondi and Bondi. It seemed like everyone on the train was heading to BONDI. When I got to Bondi Junction station, the people just swarm my tiny body in an instant. The crowd was dramatic.

Luckily, there were more bus services for that day and it was free of charge. 🙂 Due to the huge crowd, we were required by the driver to clasp to one another. After half an hour, golden sand and gaudy sky finally shone in the distance.

How to get there:

From Central station to Bondi Junction station, then from Bondi Junction, take Bus B 380 and get off at Campbell Pde near Hall Street. Bondi Beach is only 3 minutes walk away. 

Bondi Beach SydneyBondi Beach SydneyBondi Beach Sydney

The Power of Wind

It was the 39th Festival of the Winds. The mass reflected how famous Bondi beach was that day. This is an annual event for Australian and international kite flyers to show off their wonderful craft.

Approaching the beach, I could slowly see the odd shapes floating in the blue sky. I was overwhelmed by the crowd and the view. I walked towards the beach in order to get a better view of the kites. Standing beneath those colourful flying kites, they seemed like thousands of stars shining in the blue sky.

Bondi Beach Sydney Bondi Beach Sydney Bondi Beach Sydney Bondi Beach Sydney Bondi Beach Sydney Bondi Beach Sydney Bondi Beach Sydney

Enjoying the Hit

I picked a dry spot at the park so that I could just sit and enjoyed the view. Sun was scorching but with the wind, it was a perfect day for a picnic.

There were parents trying to ignite the kite-flying potential of their kids. One old uncle was really eager to show off his Batman kite in the sky. I had lost count how many times he walked back and forth in front of me. I kept having my face slapped by the tails of his kite.

Finally, I gave up and left that spot before I started eating all the tails of the kites.



Bondi Beach Sydney Bondi Beach Sydney Bondi Beach Sydney Bondi Beach Sydney Bondi Beach Sydney Bondi Beach Sydney Bondi Beach Sydney

The Drift


People said kites have been an amusement throughout the centuries. Benjamin Franklin even flew one to investigate lightning. In the afternoon, there was no sign of subsiding crowd. On the other hand, more and more interesting kites started to appear in the sky. There were dragon, whale, giant balls, flying pig and etc.

I discovered there were also food stalls from all over the world, puppet shows and some performances on the main stage.  I was totally excited until I accidentally dropped my Moment wide angle lens cap onto the restricted area of the beach. T.T After having a final quick look, I decided to head back.


Bondi Beach Sydney Bondi Beach Sydney Bondi Beach SydneyBondi Beach Sydney Bondi Beach Sydney Bondi Beach Sydney Bondi Beach Sydney Where to go in Sydney where to go in Sydney

I really like this type of events. It’s fun, relaxing and it doesn’t cost a lot to be part of the event. Bondi indeed is a nice place to spend a weekend. Love it!



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