Garden Wedding at Tanarimba, Janda Baik

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18 March 2017 ~ Daniel & Wei Hee’s Wedding

“As you begin your new life together, may you look forward to all of the seasons of life together, from the spring of youth to the winter of age. Wishing that all of your memories will be as sweet as the one from today. Congratulations!”

Fetching the Bride

Last Saturday was Wei Hee’s wedding. All the bridesmaids had to get ready at around 6.30am. I dropped by at Scott Garden, meeting up with the rest of the bridesmaids. Once I got in the apartment, I totally understood why it took so long for Fun Wee to come down to bring me up. Everybody was busy with the fancy bridesmaid’s dress. lol There is no way you can get dressed by yourself.  So, with Shelly and Fun Wee’s help, we finally got dressed properly.

There is no way you can get dressed by yourself.  So, with Shelly and Fun Wee’s help, we finally got dressed properly.
We got to the bride’s villa at around 8.a.m. Getting ourselves ready with some games for the groomsmen, surprisingly we were the ones feeling nervous to challenge them with the games. The long dress was very distractive as I was worried that I could trip or step on someone’s dress and made her dress fall. Luckily, the groomsmen were cooperative enough and passed through all the games successfully. Anyway, we were pretty lenient with the games. 🙂 (Sorry I didn’t take any picture of the game session)

Tea Ceremony

After Daniel (the groom) successfully met up with Wei Hee (the bride), our mission in the morning was considered complete. Thus, it was the time for all the bridesmaids to be narcissistic.  The villa has very nice surrounding. So, we took the opportunity to have some photos around.

While the married couple was having the tea ceremony, all the bridesmaids went to the garden of the villa. It has a pond full of giant Koi carps. Everybody was intrigued to take a picture with the hand bouquet. In fact, it was a very heavy one. After the tea ceremony, it’s a Chinese culture that all the bridesmaids must send off the bride to the groom’s house together with the groomsmen.

Garden Wedding at Tanarimba, Janda Baik

After finishing the tea ceremony in the morning, without wasting any time, we had to rush to the wedding venue – Janda Baik because we were informed that the rehearsal would start at It took us around one and a half hour to arrive at Janda Baik. When we arrived, the wedding planners were getting ready with all the decorations. Fairy lights were up and all the vintage decorations were nicely put in front of the hall.

Quick Tea Time at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant

Since we arrived slightly earlier, we thought of having a quick light lunch at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant. It is a small restaurant near the wedding hall. It was nice to sit together with all the good friends once awhile. As the time passes, we have all grown up and some are settling down. I appreciate that I still have the chances to spend my time with my high school friends before leaving Malaysia for good.

Pre-wedding Ceremony

The rehearsal started once the couple had arrived. We quickly finished off our tea and got ourselves ready with the long dress. Pretty nervous to walk down the aisle especially I was the first person (because I am the shortest :P). We had to be extremely cautious as we didn’t want to trip and fall during the ceremony. It was glad to see the couple was pretty happy and was enjoying the rehearsal even though there were many things to get ready for. After the rehearsal, we were allowed to rest and to walk around the wedding venue. So, of course, that would mean “picture time”.

“Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. Best wishes on this wonderful journey, as you build your new lives together.”

“May your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine. May today be the beginning of a long, happy life together.”

“With warm congratulations to a very special pair. May you always find in each other the love, laughter and happiness that only partners in life share!”

here welcome the bride!

“Wedding wishes for two special people: love is best when shared by two. You know that together you are stronger, together you are one. Have a wonderful married life!”



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