Goatfell, Isle of Arran

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October 11, 2018

Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Well, I’m not trying to impress you with my Goat Fell trip. Please spare me some mercies because I think that was the coolest thing that I have done in the past few years. 🙂 I hope we can do more sorts of this stuff.

What was the last time you do a crazy thing? I have been playing safe for most of my life. I’m not saying ‘safe’ isn’t good. Sometimes, you need to have some craziness in you to do something adventurous.

Why Goatfell?

Sorry, if you’re wondering what is ‘Goatfell’, it is a hill, the highest point on the Isle of Arran, Scotland. Why ‘Goat Fell’? ‘Fell’ is pretty straightforward which means the mountains. However, Goat is more contentious. Some believe the name was probably derived from the Gaelic word “gaoth” which means “mountain wind”. Well, let your imagination fly.

We were researching the route to hike Goat Fell the night before our climb. It was completely unnecessary because there were plenty of walkers and mountaineers taking the same path. You can never get lost unless you voluntarily walk in the bush.

Before the climb

Some important things to bring:

  • A few bottles of water
  • Some snacks and sweets
  • Waterproof jacket (in case it rains)
  • Proper climbing shoes
  • Safety kit

It was a sunlit morning which was perfect for a hike. We started at Cladach Visitor Centre by following the forest path. There are thick old trees rooted along the path. We felt fine as we were sheltered by the mighty trees. Once we arrived at the end of the forest path that was the beginning of our rocky journey. The paths were no longer wide and civilized. They slowly turned into the rocky passes. There were bugs and sharp sticks when we were crossing the narrow path between the bushes.



The Longest Four Hours

Initially, I thought that it would take us four hours to complete the hiking. In fact, it took us four hours to reach the peak. It wasn’t easy for us to venture this challenging upland landscape as some parts of the journey were quite steep to reach. However, the dogs are loving this place. They were running up and down the rocks, without a sign of tiredness. A dog stepped on one of my fingers while I was holding onto a big rock and that put me in real agony.

Yea, after four hours, we finally arrived at the highest point of the Isle of Arran. The view is magnificent. We got out the bubbles and had our crisps at the summit. We were rewarded with spectacular views of the island despite we were tired. Surprisingly, the peak offers flat plain ground. Thus, it is a great place for family or couples to have a picnic while enjoying the wonderful view.


After having a good look at the breathtaking landscape, we took approximately two hours to get to the ground. No one was talking during that two hours. A glass of Coca-cola perhaps marked the end of the climb perfectly.

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