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1. The Church of St Peter Mancroft

With a marvellous architecture and its strategic location, you can never miss Parish Church of St Peter Mancroft in Norwich, England. St Peter Mancroft is located in the centre of Norwich near the market place. This church is known as one of the finest churches in Norfolk and rich with its collection of medieval and Renaissance treasures. We went to Norwich during spring and thus it was delighted to see spring cherry blossom against the arched windows of the church. Gorgeous!

Address: Chantry Rd, Norwich NR2 1QZ, UK

 Church of St Peter Mancroft Cherry Blossom

2. The Forum Norwich

Right opposite the Church of St Peter Mancroft, you will find the Forum. It is a public Millennium building where you can find exhibitions, even, s and activities. It has a public library in the Forum know as Millennium Library. If you love books, even you do not have the whole afternoon to bury yourself in the books, take a quick stroll as it’s one of the best public libraries in the UK.  From its glass windows, amazingly you’re able to overlook St Peter Mancroft.

Address: The Forum, Millennium Plain, Norwich, NR2 1TF

3. Norwich Castle

So Norwich Castle is, in fact, a museum & art gallery now. If you’re an art lover, probably you will love visiting Norwich Castle.  When I first visited Norwich Castle, I have to say it has a really humble architecture compare to many castles that I have seen. However, the Caen stone was used back to the day and thus giving the greater tower of Norwich Castle a reputation of the most highly ornamented keep in England.  The admission to Norwich Castle isn’t free. Below are the ticket prices:

  • Adult: £9.15Concession (over 65s, students, visitors with disabilities): £8.70
  • Child (age 4-18 yrs): £7.30
  • Family (2 adults + all children): £31.10
  • Family (1 adult + all children): £23.30
  • Twilight Ticket (1 hour before closing): £2
  • *Park and Ride/Go 4Less/District Leisure Cards: £6.90

Address: Castle Meadow, Norwich NR1 3JU, UK

Norwich Castle-England

4. Norwich Town

There is plenty to see by walking in the Norwich town. Strolling in the town of Norwich, I find Norwich indeed is a gem which has a great fusion of modern and historic elements. In the city centre, I saw its medieval charm shining through the architecture of churches and cathedral. However, it is not stingy with its talent of displaying the modern design like the Forum, Castle Mall and etc.  If you’re a chocolate lover, Norwich will definitely fulfil your chocolate lust. You can try out Digby’s Fine Chocolates and Cupcakes & Bubbles.

where-to-go-England where-to-go-England

5. Norwich Market

Feeling hungry? If you enjoy buying food and drinks from the stalls and having a walk around in an open space, Norwich Market is the place. Find your way to Gentleman’s Walk and you will see an open-air market fills with colourful stalls.

Well, make sure that you’re not visiting Norwich Market on Sunday as it only opens from Monday to Saturday, from 8.30am to 5.30pm. Otherwise, you will probably end up seeing a few stalls only. So, follow the crowd and you will find fantastic food and drinks together with some other items such as flowers, clothes and household goods.

Address: 1 Market Pl, Norwich NR2 1ND, UK

6. Norwich Royal Arcade

Fancy a walk in the most classic arcade? For me, Norwich Royal Arcade is a gem in Norwich. Apart from the shops and restaurants, this is a place offers a stunning architecture. Despite its long standing from 1899, Norwich Royal Arcade never stops mesmerising the shoppers or tourists with its dazzling decorative tiles featuring classical Art Nouveau.

By walking through the 247 foot long covered avenue, you would be able to experience the Art Nouveau in this arcade specially designed by Dereham-born architect, George Skipper. Special note, if you’re planning a tour to Norwich on Sunday or any of the public holidays, the chance which the Norwich Royal Arcade is closed is pretty high. So, plan your visit during weekdays or on one Saturday.

Address: Off Gentleman’s Walk, Norwich, NR2 1NQ NR2 1NA, UK

7. Eaton Park

From Norwich Royal Arcade to Eaton Park is about 44mins walk and almost the same by taking a bus. So, probably you would consider taking a cab if you are not driving as it only takes about 12 – 13mins drive from the Norwich Royal Arcade. This park is unique in the sense that there are many activities you can do at this park. There is model boating pond for kids and parents to run their toy boats on the pond.

It allows a wide range of boats from sailing boats to submarines. There is also a kiosk not far away from the boating pond for putter and ball. There is a miniature railway where you can find public trains run on every Sunday.

Address: Eaton Park, South Park Avenue, Norwich, NR4 7AZ

8. St John the Baptist Cathedral, Norwich

Cathedral Church of St. John the Baptist is one of the biggest cathedrals that I have ever visited in England so far. From what I have read so far, this cathedral is the second largest Catholic cathedral in England. If you’re wondering which cathedral is the largest? It is Westminster Cathedral which is also known as Metropolitan Cathedral of the Previous Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ in London. With its beautiful Victorian Gothic, it’s certainly a place worth visiting.

Address: Unthank Rd, Norwich NR2 2PA, UK

9. St Giles Church, Norwich

When I was passing by St Giles Church, I was totally attracted by its wisteria decorating its iron fence around the churchyard. It was such a beauty during the spring. St Giles Church has a 120-foot tower which makes it easily spotted from far.

Address: Upper St Giles St, Norwich NR2 1AB, UK


10. Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral does not only famous as a magnificent Romanesque Cathedral but also its most striking 315-foot spire.

Address: 65 The Close, Norwich, NR1 4DH

11. Chapelfield Shopping Centre

Chapelfield Shopping Centre is our last stop before heading back home. This is the place where you can find nice cafes, restaurants and fancy shops and it’s relatively a large indoor shopping mall in Norwich. However, probably the unique thing about Chapelfield Shopping Centre is that from the entrance to this shopping mall, you can see a graveyard of a church on Theatre Street.

Address: 40-46 St Stephens St, Norwich NR1 3SH, UK

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