A Proposal at Loch Lomond, Scotland

January 29, 2018
Necropolis Scotland Glasgow – Photo Diary
January 6, 2018
Cameron House, Loch Lomond
February 5, 2018

May the Heart be the Maidservant of Love

I was greatly looking forward to our trip to Loch Lomond, despite continual tease from Lewis for not being able to pronounce ‘Loch’ in a Scottish way. Apparently, you have to say ‘Lo-ch’ in the way as if you were about to spit your saliva out.

It was a lovely morning. I was joyfully dressing up.

Lewis walked in and gave my brown dress a disapproved gaze. At the end, I was dismissed with a white top and tartan skirt. His reason was simple, he didn’t like the material of my dress.

May the heart be the maidservant of love. lol

Loch Lomond Shores

It was a short trip arranged by Lewis. I had heard great things about Loch Lomond. Loch Lomond is a lake in southern Scotland. It only takes 25 minutes drive from Glasgow city. Loch Lomond Shores offer unrivalled views of Loch Lomond. It’s a hub for beautiful shops, restaurants, the Loch Lomond SEA LIFE Aquarium, water activities and events.

When I gazed into the distance, I could see the low fog that clings, hiding the mountains at the edge of the loch. It took me seconds to immerse myself in this breathtaking view. Despite the puffy sweater, I was still utterly bereft of heat.




“I am a walking tartan.” 

The Stables

We went for lunch as the cold started to tingle and sting our skin. We came to a restaurant pub at Carrochan Road, Balloch. The price is reasonable and the portion of the food is surprisingly huge.


A Blissful Ride

We arrived at the Boat House of Cameron House as Lewis said that he had booked a boat tour. The attendant asked us to take a stroll while waiting for the other passengers. I joined Lewis at the pier, overlooking a heaven of white yachts and boats. While I was expecting the other passengers came in droves, the crew congratulated us for being able to have the entire yacht to ourselves. I was over the moon since we were the only passengers on the yacht.

A few minutes later, the yacht had made out to the loch travelling along the crest of the waves. We sat on the top deck, comfortably wrapping ourselves in a blanket. I wouldn’t be surprised that Loch Lomond is the most enchanting beauty spot in the British Isles. From the yacht, I could see the horizon is obscured by snowy Ben Lomond mountain, forming a picturesque intersection of earth and sky.

A Vow Sealed under the Double Rainbow

The attendant of the yacht was extremely friendly. However, the cold wind had frozen my brain quicker than I thought. I could barely remember how he lost me in his passionate induction. Soon my thoughts were drowned in his strong Scottish accent.

I squinched my eyes up to avoid the cold breeze. Lewis seemed to have his full attention on the attendant. On the other hand, I was secretly hoping that the attendant could leave us so that we could take a few photos on the deck. At the very moment, Lewis finally moved and asked whether I would like to have extra blankets.

Thinking it was a way of diverting the attendant, I nodded without hesitation. I thought I could quickly grab a few photos with Lewis while the attendant was fetching us some blankets. Unfortunately, Lewis went down to get the blankets himself. Oh well…

While I was overlooking the highlands covered by the oak woodlands, Lewis came back with the blankets.

Placing a blanket on me, he went down with one knee. It was quite a surprise. Apart from the cold wind numbing my face and my fingers, I was pretty sure I was still conscious.

I cherished this moment very much as it was private and peaceful. No massive crowd and it was just us. It was a vow sealed under the double rainbow.

Thank you, Lewis for making this special. 27.11.17, another date to remember. 🙂


  1. Nyinyi says:

    Congratulations to you and Lewis! May you two be blessed with love, joy, abundance, health, and all that y’all ever dreamed of in the new chapter of life!!!!!!❤❤

  2. Peter says:

    Congratulations to the young lovers who will always love each other💕❤💞👍👍👍!

  3. Mimi says:

    What a wonderful proposal, Lexi! Very happy for you two. Wishing you and Lewis a lifetime of love and happiness! Congratz😀

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