Purple Sunset in Luss

March 20, 2018
From Riverside Museum to South Portland Street Suspension Bridge, Glasgow
February 12, 2018

Lust for Luss

This place seems like a realm of pure fantasy, but it’s real. 
Purple sunset blended perfectly with the snowy Ben Lomond. Our visit to Luss was the best random decision. Luss is a village located on the western bank of Loch Lomond. Early days, Luss was known as ‘the dark village’ due to the lack of daylight as a result of its mountain setting. 

We walked along the shores, approaching Luss Pier. This is where you can take a luxury Speedboat Tour with Loch Lomond Leisure. I thought Luss is a hidden gem but the crowd of enthusiastic tourists proved that I was wrong. 
We tried our best to breeze through the throng so that we could find a spot to take some nice photos. I think Luss Pier could a nice place to enjoy the sunset. However, the cold weather could be a challenge.

Wedding Venue?

We left the pier to loiter around Luss Village. It’s small but very picturesque. If you’re looking for a Scottish Wedding Venue, Luss Village may be one of your options. Loch Side Spa Hotel offers wedding package. Hmmm..perhaps I should shortlist this venue too. 😛

Luss is a nice place. I really like it as I could feel its calmness in its purple sunset.


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