What to expect in the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh?

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If you love plants, you will find Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh has stunning scenery. The garden is huge and probably you could spend a few hours walking around the garden.

There is no entrance fee (except Glasshouse) for Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and it’s one of the ideal places to go during one of the sunny days in Scotland. This garden is only one mile from the Edinburgh city centre.

1. The Scottish Heath Garden

It consists of the recreation of the plantings and landscape of the Scottish highlands.

2. The Rock Garden

We walked through a walled garden and at the end of the road, we saw an artificial rock mountain full with different types of rock. Not very far way, it is the Glasshouse.

3. Glasshouse

4. The Queen Mother’s Memorial Garden

I personally think Queen Mother’s Memorial Garden will look prettier during spring or summer. The maze formed by the plants was turning brown due to winter. Despite this, it was still attracting many visitors.Queen Mother’s Memorial Garden during Spring

Queen Mother’s Memorial Garden during Winter

6. Other Three Regional Gardens

There are three Regional Gardens i.e. Benmore Botanic Garden, Dawyck Botanic Garden and Logan Botanic Garden. However, it requires some admission fee (adults GBP 6.50 whereas it is free of charge for children).

Benmore Botanic Garden

Benmore Botanic Garden is located in Argyll, there is where you can find magnificent mountainside. As Benmore Botanic Garden is located within the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park and the Argyll Forest Park, the best way to get there is through Argyll Ferries or Western Ferries.

Dawyck Botanic GardenDawyck Botanic Garden, formerly part of the Dawyck Estate, is one of the world’s finest arboreta and has a magic all of its own. Set in the scenic Borders landscape, this woodland garden is a delight all year round.  Azalea Terrace is the charm in Dawyck Botanic Garden which is famous for its outstanding display of colour. Another landmark of Dawyck Botanic Garden – The Dutch Bridge.

Beech Walk is romantic for me as its colour changes based on the seasons where it turns from fresh green in spring to rich brown in autumn.

Logan Botanic Garden

Logan Botanic Garden is known as an exotic garden which is located at the south-western tip of Scotland.



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