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Attractions in the City of Gloucester, England

If you follow my blog, you will know from my previous post that Gloucester is one of my favourite cities/towns in England. Thus, I had taken plenty of pictures while I was in Gloucester. In fact, there are many more places to go besides the Docks.

As mentioned earlier, we were on road trip from Chippenham to Gloucester. If you look at the map below, you will see that Gloucester is not very far away from Chippenham. It was about one and half hour for us to drive to Gloucester.

Image is extracted from http://www.exploregloucestershire.co.uk

1. Millers Green

There are many houses situated around the Gloucester Cathedral. The area was pretty quiet on that day and we could see some elderly walking with their groceries whereas some were walking towards the Gloucester Cathedral.

I love the houses here, they seem pretty big from outside. There are a few places around Millers Green which you may love to visit. St Mary de Lode is not far away from Millers Green. It is a church which many believe it is the oldest parish church in the city.

2. St Oswald’s Priory

Not far from St Mary de Lode, you can find St Oswald’s Prior Ruins. It used to be a highly popular place of worship, but then came the Civil War and the Siege of Gloucester. Some ruins are still standing today as it was constructed from recycled Roman stones. It was largely destroyed by Royalist cannon fire. St Oswald’s Priory Ruins is located at Priory Road, Gloucester. It’s accessible by the public every day of the year.

3. Gloucester Cathedral

We initial plan was to visit the Gloucester Cathedral and then head to the Docks. However, Lewis was lost in the town while finding a parking area. With luck, we found a parking lot right in front of the Docks. So, we changed our plan and decided to find the Cathedral later. So, Gloucester Cathedral is located at 12 College Green, Gloucester. It’s one of the landmarks in Gloucester and you can’t go to Gloucester without paying it a visit.

There are many Cathedrals in England and probably you will wonder what is so special about this Cathedral. It is famous because it has been used to shoot some scenes for a few famous films such as Harry Pottery, Sherlock, Wolf Hall and Doctor Who. It is magnificent from outside, but trust me, you should enter the Cathedral. I was regretted f t entering it after finding out that its architecture for the fan-faulted cloisters is absolutely amazing.

4. New Inn

If you go to16 Northgate Street of Gloucester, you will find this little black and white inn. When you walk in, you will see a pub located together with this medieval galleried inn. At the courtyard, you will see people sitting there, enjoying their afternoon tea. There are limited rooms but if you wish to stay a day or two in the heart of Gloucester, perhaps New Inn is a good option.

5. Westgate Street

6. Hatton Court Hotel

  • 3-star hotel address: Upton Hill, Upton St Leonards, Gloucester GL4 8DE, UK
  • Phone:+44 1452 617412

We stayed for a night at Hatton Court Hotel. It’s not a fancy hotel but it’s cosy enough. We got a free upgrade for our room thus it has a jacuzzi bath tub in our room. Pretty cool! From the room, we could get a good view and were hoping to see the sunrise in the morning.

Hatton Court Hotel serves good breakfast and the staff are very friendly. We even bumped into a friendly couple from Australia. They told us it was pretty cold in Gloucester. lol Secretly I was thinking: well you will probably love the weather in Gloucester after you have visited Scotland during this winter. ;P

Hope you enjoy reading! Share your stories if you have been to Gloucester.



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