Viet Hai Village, Vietnam – Day 2

Halong Bay, Quang Ninh, Vietnam – Day 1
May 29, 2017
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June 16, 2017

We were going to visit  a beautiful village in Hanoi – Viet Hai Village! I woke up to this beautiful sunrise. The sun shone through the huge window of the cabin. It was the best way to wake up overlooking at this breathtaking view.

Wake up to this sunrise

1. Tai Chi Class

We didn’t bother to join the Tai Chi session on the sundeck. However, if you’re an early bird, you may join the Tai Chi class at 6 am.
7.30am: We had our breakfast buffet in the dining room, made some friends during the breakfast. Breakfast was light but enough to start a day. Coffee, tea and pastries were served.

2. Sunbathing on the Deck of Day Boat

Cruise Tour Halong Bay 

3. Biking around Viet Hai Village

8.30am: I was pretty excited to start today’s itinerary because we were going to bike in Viet Hai Village. Well, don’t get me wrong, I am not a professional cyclist but I enjoy cycling against the wind and listening to the wind whistling through the trees. However, we had to paddle up two ascending hills. Some preferred to tour comfortably in a cart to see the stunning scenery.
Biking around Viet Hai Village, Hanoi Biking around Viet Hai Village, Hanoi   Biking around Viet Hai Village, Hanoi  Paddling up the ascending hill Paddling up the ascending hill Forest and Rice Field Forest

4. Bhaya Community Farm

Viet Hai fishing village has about 80 households. Most of the locals earn a living based on fishing, farming and breeding. During the old days, they used to live in the floating houses. Due to the water pollution, the government relocated them to Viet Hai Village and started educating the locals to farm. Unfortunately, most of the villagers were used to fishing life, they returned to the sea.

We arrived at a village with a large rice field and vegetable farm. While we were passing by the farm, we were hit by the unpleasant smell of cattle manure. Despite the foul odour, the scenery is stunning.

Rice Field Halong Bay

Rice Field Rice Field

Bhaya Community Farm

Lewis doesn’t know the peanut grows under the ground. lol

Vegetables everywhere

5. Rice Wine

We stopped by at one of the houses at Viet Hai Village and we were served with rice wine. The Vietnamese also believes that snakes have important restorative and invigorating properties, from increasing virility to treating health conditions.  At the village, we were served with snake-steeped wine. This wine is produced by infusing whole raw snakes in rice wine. However, there are articles advising that consuming snake is risky to human health as it carries salmonella. So we didn’t drink it.
A place to get rice wine
  Snake in Rice Wine
Puppies in Viet Hai Village

6.  Ancient Local Houses in the Forest

We continued our bicycle trip along the village path and went through rain forests. We visited the ancient local houses in the middle of the forest.

7. Lunch on the Day Boat

We had seafood lunch on the Day Boat and it was a good one.

8. Kayaking around Bai Tu Long Bay

 1.30pm:  We visited Bai Tu Long Bay, continued with the kayaking and this time I risked bring my phone. It was quite tiring as my arms were still recovering from yesterday hard work.

Kayak to the beach

4.00pm: We returned to the cruise and finally I got to shower. Exhausted but it was a fruitful day. We skipped the cooking class. However, we couldn’t miss the magnificent sunset over the Gulf of Tonkin.

7.30pm: Deluxe dinner was finally served. Today’s dinner: Terrine of Foie gras with dry fig jam, Cream seafood soup with black bread, Pan-Fried Seabass Fish & Mushroom Sauce, Grilled Lamb with Vegetables and Baked mango as the dessert.
 After dinner, we called it a day and we were basically knocked out. Enjoy reading and wait for our next post.

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