Weird Encounter at Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney – No Stalking Please!

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Sydney Opera House

I guess everybody knows about Sydney Opera House which is the landmark in Sydney. This Opera House was opened in 1973.  It is one of the 20th century’s most famous and distinctive buildings. Thus, it wasn’t really a surprise to me when I saw the crazy crowd around the Opera House. To get to Opera House, you can get down to Circular Quay train station and the Opera House is just a throw stone away from the train station.

Since I was taking a ferry ride, I could actually get from Manly Wharf to Circular Quay directly. Following Google map, I came to the Sydney Opera House which is a famous art centre, featuring world-leading performances and events. If you love to experience opera, live music, plays, dance or musicals, perhaps booking a seat in Opera House will help you to kill some time.

There are many nice cafes and bars around Sydney Opera House. You may check out: Opera Bar, Portside, Theatre Bars, Opera Kitchen and The Lounge. Those are the fancy dining spots which offer a breathtaking view of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Royal Botanic Garden

Even though I am not really a person with the green thumb, I decided to loiter in Royal Botanic Garden located at Mrs Macquaries Rd since the entrance is free of charge. Moreover, it’s walkable from Sydney Opera House. You can see the maps below. So did you see the “Bennelong Point” on the left-hand corner? That’s the location of the Sydney Opera House. Walking along the Farm Cove, then you will see the Main Pond.

1. Farm Cove

2. Band Lawn

As you can see, there are many people sitting on the grass, enjoying the sunshine during the summer. It’s very nice to have a leisure walk if you have the entire afternoon or you decide to have a picnic.Band Lawn

3. The Main Pond

Walking down the path, I came to the Ponds located at the heart of the Royal Botanic Garden. Surprisingly, if you peer into the pond, you will see eels.

4. Mrs Macquaries Point

While I was walking towards Mrs Macquaries Point, I was approached by a guy, asking me to take a picture for him. Subsequently, he requested me to take a picture together with me. Before I could realise what had just happened, he requested me to walk around the garden with him. Feeling a little bit uncomfortable and taking into account that I was travelling alone, I had declined it and quickly walked away. So, for girls who love travelling solo, even though being friendly is important, being vigilant around the surrounding and the people is equally important. Safety should come first. As you can see Mrs Macquaries Point is a little bit quiet and isolated from the heart of the garden, so I was looking for the crowd in order to get rid of that guy.  I didn’t mean to be rude to that guy but rather be safe than sorry since he had followed me for a short distance while I was walking alone.

Finally, I managed to walk away from the stranger and got back to the Main Pond. I had to walk relatively close to some of the Chinese tourists, pretending I was one of them so that the guy would leave me alone. After that, it kind of killed my mood to continue my solo adventure. Hence, I briefly walked around and then decided to head back to the hotel.
That was just a creepy encounter, all is still well. 🙂



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