2 Weeks Itinerary in Sydney, Australia

February 18, 2017
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February 17, 2017
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February 24, 2017

Work Hard and Play Even Harder in Sydney

I always wanted a job that allows me to travel. When I said “travel”, it doesn’t mean just flying from one country to another country. For me, travelling means a lot to me.I started to travel more often due to my long distance relationship. Lewis and I planned for trips at least twice a year.

We treasure the trips a lot because that is the only time we get to see each other. Amazingly, it becomes an excuse for us to travel to places which are on our bucket list.So, I was invited by the legal team of DHL in Australia to join the training with them. When I first got the news, I was thrilled.

Then anxiety kicked in as I had no idea what was I supposed to do. However, soon I realised that my worries were beyond unnecessary as people are really nice here.Despite the busy training schedule, I had enough time to walk around Sydney after the training.

I stayed in Mascot which is very close to the Sydney International Airport. It is very convenient to get around in Sydney. Most of the restaurants are located in Central Train Station, which is just two stops away from Mascot train station. See the Sydney Trains Network below:

1. China Town

China Town is located near Central train station. There are only two stops away from Mascot train station. So, I followed the green line of the train network and got down at Central train station. It is a bit of walk from the train station so perhaps you want to get ready with your Google map.

where-to-go-Sydney-chinatown where-to-go-Sydney-chinatown where-to-go-Sydney-chinatown

2. Haymarket

Haymarket is a suburb of Sydney and is located at the southern end of the Sydney central business district in the local government area of the City of Sydney. There are many restaurants around this area. It’s quite easy to get to Haymarket from Mascot as I only need to take a train to Central Train Station and then it’s walkable to the Haymarket.

Particularly, there is one Malaysian restaurant named “Mamak” is very famous in this area. When I passed by, there was a long queue outside the restaurant. Yeap! Malaysian food rock!^^

3. Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is such a darling and I couldn’t love it more. The only problem was that I wore the wrong dress when I visited. So, it was windy that day and I had to hold on my dress while taking plenty pictures for my blog. I looked completely like an idiot as one of my hands was holding my dress, another hand was trying hard pushing button of my camera.

The worse thing was, due to the wind, my face was completely wrapped by my own hair. That was the time I wished I wasn’t travelling alone. Gosh! I never ate so much of my own hair in my life. Apart from that, everything was well.

4. Tumbalong Park – City of Sydney

Tumbalong Park is not far from Town Hall train station. On the way to Darling Harbour, I decided to pass through Tumbalong Park in the city of Sydney. This 5-hectare park seems to be a perfect place for family and kids.

5. Chinese Garden of Friendship

There is a Chinese Garden of Friendship which is designed by Chinese landscape artists. Not very far from the Chinese Garden, there is a water park with some water jets.

Chinese Garden of Friendship-Sydney Chinese Garden of Friendship-Sydney Chinese Garden of Friendship-Sydney

6. Darling Quarter – Darling Harbour Playground

I walked towards Darling Quarter and there were plenty of restaurants, pubs and cafes. I grabbed a gelato from Gelatissimo before heading to a proper restaurant for a nice dinner. The gelato was ok as I still think that no gelato can beat the gelato that I had tried in Italy.

However, I still enjoyed the icy gelato during this sunny day. Walking around Darling Quarter and I found that there was a crowd sitting on the ground watching a movie in an open space. It seemed relaxing and a great time for family. Not far away from the crowd, there is a huge kids playground. From afar I could hear laughter and screaming piercing through the silence in the park.

To be continued


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