What to See in Batu Caves, Malaysia

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I visited Batu Caves a few years ago. Batu Caves has changed a lot. I should have explored Malaysia more. What a shame.

Batu Caves is a well-known tourist spot in Selangor. I didn’t plan to revisit Batu Caves. It was just a random thought that it would be nice to explore this place again with my Korean friend after so many years.

How to get to Batu Caves

1.  At KL Sentral Railway Station, buy a ticket (RM2 for single, RM4 for return) to ‘Batu Caves railway station’ from the KTM Komuter line in the main section of the station.

2. Wait for the train at Platform 3 with “Batu Caves” sign. It takes about 45 mins to arrive at Batu Caves station.

3. Once you arrive at Batu Caves, take an exit and head right. It takes a simple 200m walk. You will see a 43-metre tall statue of a Hindu deity.

272 Steps

We climbed up 272 steps to have a great view of the caves. It was good to arrive earlier as we drove there. It would be difficult to find a parking space when the crowd started to gather.

There were monkeys around the caves. They are not afraid of tourists.  We were warned not to carry any food. So we would not be chased after by the monkeys.

Batu Caves has three primary caves featuring temples and Hindu shrines. There is an eye-catching large statue of the Hindu God at the entrance. Behind the statue, there are steep 272 steps leading to the cave. Once we reached the top, incense smells spread from the core of cave.

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Dark Cave

There is also the Dark Cave. You have to join a guided educational tour to explore Dark Cave. It is considered a very old cave with at least 100 million years old.  This is a place keeps millions of fruit- and insect-eating bats. There are other insects in the cave support the ecosystem such as cockroaches, spiders, crickets, snakes and etc.


Cave Villa

We discovered that there is another small cave known as “Cave Villa”. It requires RM7 to enter the cave. It doesn’t cost a lot. There is a gallery with a pathway leading to an area with some Hindu statues. Further down the cave, there is a small area with some reptiles (kept in boxes and cages).







  1. Deasy says:

    Beautiful photos <3 I've heard of Batu Caves and would absolutely love to see it in person.


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