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April 22, 2017
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April 30, 2017

“We do what we love, we love what we love because we believe we have that choice.”

Time to Bike

Getting a plan with the girls isn’t an easy task anymore. There are compromises need to be made between work, family, community service, networking session and etc. Finally, today was the day. I was thrilled to have some of the mates over for an outing during the weekend.

It’s a shame that I didn’t write enough about Malaysia. I will try to introduce Malaysia to my foreign friends a little bit more and for those who are interested in planning a vacation in Malaysia.

Taman Wetlands Putrajaya

Mable picked me up from my apartment, it was around 7.30am. We were a little bit late and it took about 20 minutes for us to get to Taman Wetlands Putrajaya (Wetlands Garden). Rashini, Sandra and Carol went to Tasik Wetlands Putrajaya (Wetlands Lake). That was what happen when we only set “Wetlands” as our destination. It’s really confusing as there are Wetlands Garden and Wetlands Lake which both are quite a distance.

Since our initial plan was to cycle, we went to Wetlands Garden as there is where we can rent a bike. Finally, we had everybody and just couldn’t wait for breakfast. There is an area with tables and chairs for us to have our breakfast. However, the problem is there was also a cat. We are not really a cat lover (no offend to cat lover) except Sandra. It was disturbing to have a furry tail swaying around our legs. Mable was flustered and she ended up squatting on the bench to eat her breakfast. Carol and I had our legs folded whereas Sandra and Rashini were trying to lure the cat away with some food. That was a totally bad idea.   

Yay! Balance and Paddle Hard…

With most of our attention focused on the cat, we eventually finished our breakfast in a rush. We rented five bikes. Each bike cost RM10 for an hour. After trying out our bikes, we first headed to Flamingo Pond.

Flamingo Pond

Ok, I had never seen a flamingo so I was excited. So, we rode to Flamingo Pond. There were a few flamingos in the middle of the pond. We approached the pond in order to snap some pictures and unpleasantly there were many mosquitoes. And, the water of the pond is brown and it looks like a pool of “teh tarik” (milk tea). Lol

After taking some photos, we continued our journey and I was quite excited to be able to cycle along the lake. We came to a small hill and it required us to have some skills in changing our gear in order to control our bikes. However, Mable was unable to break her bike while she went downhill. As a result, after a few swags, she lost her balance and fell off her bike. I was right behind her so that I witnessed pretty everything. Everybody stopped and gathered. Luckily she just had a small cut on her knee. After cleaning her wound briefly, everybody started to walk with the bike rather than riding it. Oh well. So, we walked to a tunnel and decided to return since Mable’s knee started to bleed. If you can finish the whole trail, you will be able to checkout: (1) Lookout Tower (2) Nature Trail (3) Flamingo Pond & Swan Lake (4) Wetland Cell and (5) Nature Interpretive Centre

After returning our bikes, the people in charge at the bike shop were kind enough to help Mable to clean up her wound. So, with all that, we only managed to ride for half an hour. Mable felt sorry to us but we were pretty much entertained by her screaming and moaning over a small cut. It’s okay Mable.

Tasik Wetland Putrajaya

Considering we were done with cycling, we went to Tasik Wetlands (Wetlands Lake) for a picnic. It was about 15 – 20-minute drive from Wetlands Garden to Wetlands Lake.

There are a few things you can do at Wetlands Lake such as kayaking, boat paddling, canoeing, fishing and etc. Sometimes, people refer “Wetlands Lake” as “Lake Recreational Centre. The view is quite stunning. I was really proud to pull out my picnic mat and was quite convinced that it’s waterproof. After what happened in the morning, we needed is just a quiet chill out. The girls were electrified to see the mat and without hesitation, they took off their shoes and sat on it. Of course, photo-taking was followed.

Picnic Dummies

After a few minutes, Carol asked: “Anyone feels a bit damp?” Well, nobody actually cared at that point of time as we were just busy taking pictures. I assured Carol that the picnic mat is waterproof so she should feel fine. A few minutes later, I felt damp around my knees as I was kneeling down. Other girls felt the same and started to check out the mat. Guess what? There were muddy water stains everywhere on the mat. It was an epic failure for bring a non-waterproof picnic mat and proudly presented it to your mates as if it’s waterproof. Sorry girls. After all, we still had quite a laugh and enjoyed ourselves with all the dramas.

We don’t really do a picnic in Malaysia. This was, in fact, our first time pulling out a picnic mat and it turned up not very well. However, I am sure all of us enjoy a great time together. It was not really easy to get all of us together since everybody is overwhelmed by work. Some found what they love whereas some are still looking.

It’s amazing to have these girls, who once used to be my colleagues, around even though we are not working at the same place anymore. I know the journey hasn’t been a bed of roses but I believe all of us are trying our best to find the right spot that makes us feel a little bit more valuable to others in life.





  1. Rashini says:

    Life is a wonderful journey. And the pictures speaks a thousand words. Despite all the dramas, see all the happy faces? Choices we make to cherish the present because the goodness in every moment is all that matters!

  2. Dale says:

    It’s actually a cool and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

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