Best Places to Go in Irvine, Scotland

August 10, 2017
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August 6, 2017
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September 20, 2017

So, where to go in Scotland?

Scotland was a little bit gloomy during winter. However, I was excited to meet Lewis’ mum. She is a wonderful and easy going lady. I felt really welcomed with all the delicious food prepared by Lewis’ mum. There is so much love in the house and that’s why I really like about it.

Trinity Church, Irvine

On our way to the harbour, we passed by a Venetian Gothic church with façade features red sandstone ashlar band courses. Personally, I find it astonishing but probably Lewis was thinking that I could just snap whatever I saw and be excited about them. That’s the Trinity Church with foliaceous carving. This church was built for the Rev. William Robertson who was known as the “Poet Preacher”.

Harbour Street, Irvine

Irvine is a small town and Lewis decided to bring me around. So we walked around in the town and headed to the Quay of Irvine. The scenery looked a little grey to me, considering it was drizzling on that day. However, we still took a stroll along Harbour Street. Along the Harbour Street, there is a pub called “Harbour Lights”.While I was walking along the Harbour Street, I noticed that there are some words being carved on the pathway. Lewis told me those are the Scottish words. Amazing!Not far away from the harbour, there is this Scottish Maritime Museum. The Scottish Maritime Museum holds an important nationally recognised and varied collection of historic ships, artefacts, shipbuilding machinery, machine tools, several small vessels, canoes, life.

Vanilla Joes

There is an ice-cream shop near the harbour – Vanilla Joes. It has been reported that Vanilla Joe’s has the best ice cream in the whole of Scotland. The shop was quite busy early in the morning. Personally, ever since I came back from Italy, I haven’t tried any ice-cream better than the gelato that I had in Milan and Venice. So, I will let you be the judge. 🙂
Address:80 Montgomery Street, IrvineKA12 8PWSaltcoats

Probably you were wondering why is it called “Saltcoats” like I did. The name is derived from the town’s earliest industry when salt was harvested from the sea water of the Firth of Clyde, carried out in small cottages along the shore.

We walked along the coast and there were a few owners jogging with their dogs. It was pretty windy at Saltcoats. Lewis said Saltcoats will be a better place to hang around during summer. People will be sitting at the park, reading or having BBQ. However, during winter, it seemed to be quiet. Saltcoats is not the main tourist attraction in Scotland. Thus, if you like to avoid the tourist crowd and have a relaxing family time, Saltcoats will probably a nice place to be.



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