Cambodia: Food Hunting at Pub Street

October 20, 2016
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September 13, 2016
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October 25, 2016

Yes. I know. I should have updated my blog soon enough after my trip to Cambodia. So forgive me if you are the readers of this blog. I promise I will do a better job. So, continue from where we stopped in the previous post, I think I should talk about some places in Cambodia which you can find food.

Hotel: Moon Residence Siem Reap

We stayed in Moon Residence Siem Reap which is just a throw stone away from the Pub Street. If you are on a budget trip but you would like to stay in a decent hotel, I would recommend Moon Residence. It is spacious and clean. We got the room which is facing the swimming pool. Great view! Beside the swimming pool, there is a small opened-air restaurant. We went down to have our late lunch/early dinner. There is nothing special about Cambodian food. I guess the most often seen menu will be Amok chicken, Amok fish or Amok something. So we tried the Amok chicken and basically, it tasted like another type of curry.

Food and Drinks: Pub StreetPub Street was where we looked for food during our stays.

Cambodian BBQ Restaurant

We had never tried any Cambodian BBQ before. So, we were thinking to give it a try. The minute that we got the menu, we stunned a little as there are all sorts of meat on the menu. Basically, there are two types of dégustation: normal degustation and special degustation.

We felt too much to have special degustation which consists of 14 types of meat: beef, bar fish, espadon, chicken, crocodile, snake, duck, frog leg, kangaroo, ostrich, pork, squid, shrimp and shark. Special degustation is slightly expensive, it is USD31 for two. Thus, we decided to go for normal degustation which consists of 7 types of meat: beef, espadon, chicken, crocodile, pork, squid and shark. It cost us USD19.50 for two.

Overall, I think the meat tasted alright but I really love the soup. Partly because I had a guilty conscience to have different types of animal. I just felt that I shouldn’t have. So, remember to look at the menu before you actually enter the restaurant. ><

Banana Leaf

There are plenty of pubs at the Pub Street, so it was kind of hard for us to choose. Finally, we had decided to pick “Banana Leaf”, out of so many pubs. It looked less crowded at the beginning and that made us a little bit worried that it might not be great. However, it was out of our expectation that, it has really great live band. If you look for a place to chill and some nice songs, I would recommend Banana Leaf. We ordered some snacks with drinks.

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