Christmas in Bristol, England

August 1, 2017
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St. Mary Redcliffe

There are many churches in Bristol and St. Mary Redcliffe Church is one of the churches located in Redcliffe district of Bristol. It was our first stop in Bristol as it was just a walking distance from Bristol Temple Meads Train Station.

It has a long history as it has been there for over 900 years. Most of the churches in England appear to be similar. St. Mary Redcliffe is one of the largest parish churches in England.

St. Mary Redcliffe-Bristol-England
St. Mary Redcliffe Church

Bristol Town 

We visited Bristol on 14 December 2015. We found traditional decorations, lights, wooden toys and etc. There were stalls selling festive food and drink including stolen, waffles, giant sausages, chocolates, candies and liquorice. We dropped by at a stall with a giant barbeque in the middle of it.

We grabbed some spicy sausages for lunch. It was pretty easy to spot the “Christmas Pyramid” as it is 13-metre high, standing in the centre of the market. People were wandering around at the market, enjoying the Christmas music and festive food from the stalls. Plenty of people sat at the Beer Garden, chatting with their peers.


Bristol German Christmas Market

Bristol is a sophisticated town with historic churches and museums. Our tour started at St. Mary Redcliffe Church, one of the crucial landmarks in Bristol. Approaching the heart of the city, we visited Bristol German Christmas Market, greeted by drool-inducing scents of bratwurst and giant sausages cooked over hot coals and a hog roast.

The cold weather didn’t seem to discourage the enthusiastic visitors to gather at the German-inspired Christmas market. It was exciting to visit Banksy‘s hometown to get into the festive spirit by simply enjoying a glass of mulled wine or a cup of hot Choco.


Bristol is the hometown of a most notorious British street artist, Banksy. Strolling in the city, we spotted some guerilla art on the wall of some buildings. Approaching the Christmas market, we couldn’t avoid the smell of scrumptious sausages from the stall.

Moving from the crowded town to an isolated Observatory Hill, we were overwhelmed by the astonishing view of Clifton Suspension Bridge. Bristol never fails to amaze us with a spectacular view of the Bristol Harbour, surrounded by ideal pubs and bars.

Bristol Harbour-England

Bristol Harbour

Bristol Harbour is the historic harbour in Bristol which has existed since the 13th century. However, it seemed a little quiet early in the morning. Thus, we decided to return to the harbour at night. Apparently, it is more happening at the harbour as it is surrounded by bars and nightclubs. You can never get bored with Bristol when comes to pub crawl or food hunting.

There are many pubs, bars and restaurants near the harbour. Grain Barge is a special one as it is converted barge into a fancy bar which serves food and beers. If you were to go for the harbourside view, Grain Barge might be a great place. There are couples of pubs nearby the harbour such as the Pump House, The Cottage Inn, The Orchard Inn and etc.


Clifton Suspension Bridge


It is one of the world’s great bridges. A reputable engineer, Brunel built and designed this bridge in 1864.  It is a suspension bridge spanning the Avon Gorge and the River Avon, joining Clifton in Bristol to Leigh Woods in North Somerset. It has been more than 150 years. It’s amazing this bridge is still standing strong.

Observatory Hill

Standing on top of the Observatory Hill, we felt insignificant overlooking at the whole Bristol city beneath our feet. The Clifton Suspension Bridge was breathtaking. As I stepped closer to the edge of the cliff, there was a tingling in my stomach. I desired to see what is on the other side. We crept our way closer to the edge and we saw River Avon.

It was blustery on top of the hill. There was no reason for me not to take a selfie. The strong wind constantly struck my face. I had that frightful imagination that I might be blown away while taking a selfie.
Bristol -Avon-Gorge-Bristol-England

Walking down the Observatory Hill, we saw the famous rock slide. There were a bunch of kids were playing at the rock slide. My stomach sunk. The rock slide is a famous play park for kids especially summer.

We spent some time on top of the hill before we decided to walk across the bridge. We were only allowed to walk on the footways. There were vehicles making their way back and forth. From the bridge, we could see the natural rock of the Observatory Hill and amazed by the beauty of the surroundings from the bridge.


By the way, if you really love meat, you should really check out this pub – Grillstock. It’s famous for its large portion. Grillstock has only one long table in the pub. If you’re lucky, you might get a seat!

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