Christmas Trip – Small and Cosy Town in UK: Chippenham

December 12, 2016
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November 10, 2016
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December 13, 2016

Yes! I Quit My Job

Oh ya! I quit my job and that was when I truly smell freedom. So, I left the law firm in November and started to prepare for my trip to the UK Yay! Despite Brexit happened, I still love you, UK. I hadn’t seen Lewis for almost 7 months, so I was really looking forward to seeing him.

After thirteen hours, I had finally arrived in London at 5++am on Saturday. It wasn’t as cold as I thought it will be. To get to Chippenham, I had to stop at Paddington Train Station and took a train to Chippenham. Oh dear, I had to transit so much and I was so freaking sleepy.

Finally, I saw a familiar figure busy looking for his short girlfriend. The excitement was beyond description. A huge hug is always the best way to melt the awkwardness for not seeing each other for months.

“A shot was being taken from a train.”

Back to Chippenham was great. It is a small cosy town just like the other typical towns in England. There are Costa Café, Nero Café, Boots, Waitrose, Iceland, Superdrug, Waterstones, Tesco and etc.

Well, the first thing that we did after arriving at Chippenham was to have a cup of nice coffee and tea. We stopped by at Patisserie Valerie which serves good cakes and desserts. Even though British Airway fed me well on the plane, the broken sleep that I had made me tired.

“Our first tea time after 7 months. “

Leisure Walk in Chippenham

We went for a leisure walk in Chippenham after having a bit of rest at the coffee shop. Chippenham is a small and cosy town. I took a deep breath and enjoyed the familiar scent of the trees and withered leaves. However, it was no fun of cleaning the knobby twig from shrug on my boots as winter had made the pathway wet and muddy. I am glad that the normal dating days had finally started.

“A nice place to walk the dog.”

“Even the road looks so nice with the frost.”

“Reflection could bring confusion sometimes, but at the same time it also brings great combination.”

“A lonely adventure with my red boots today.”

“The day gets dark at 3 pm during winter. Oh.. started to miss Malaysia’s weather already.”

 The taste of the Caribbean at Mamas Kitchen

Craving for Jamaican food?Lewis suggested Jamaican food for dinner. So he brought me to Mamas Kitchen in the town. It is a small restaurant. We were lucky enough to get a table without making a reservation. We had Jerk chicken wings and fried onions as starters. Jerk chicken wings were good. I had Curry Goat as the main course and Lewis picked Jerk chicken. It was pretty much the same as Jerk chicken wings, except he got chicken breast instead of wings.

“Curry Goat”



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