Dinner Date in Swindon

December 21, 2016
Brown Bricks Town – Reading, UK
December 21, 2016
A Ruined Beauty – Cambodia
January 26, 2017

YuMe Restaurant, Swindon

We came to Swindon to have our dinner before we headed back to Chippenham. Lewis were craving some Asian foods and we decided to have sushi. We did a quick search online and TripAdvisor suggested “Yume Restaurant”. It was really quiet in Swindon at night. We had no issue to find a seat.

Salt & Chilli Squid

We ordered salt & Chilli Squid for the starter. It’s amazingly delicious.

Salmon Teriyaki

Lewis ordered a bento box with salmon teriyaki. It is very fulfilling as the portion is quite huge. Meanwhile, I chose to go a sushi plate as I am always a fan of sushi. YuMe serves fresh sushi thus it totally worth the price.
While we were having our dinner, we overheard the conversation between the customers sitting at the next table. So the waitress brought over the food and:

the male customer asked: “What is this?”
Waitress: “Porn.”
Male customer: “Huh?” (Then looked at his gf)
Female customer: ” So this is prawn?”
Waitress: “Yes! Porn.”

Oh gosh, I was trying my best not to laugh and I saw Lewis was trying hard to ignore the conversation he heard as well. Oh well, be careful with what you order next time. Lol.

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