Glasgow: Free Places to Go During Winter

November 10, 2016
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November 8, 2016
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December 12, 2016

Winter in Scotland was simply crazy. I had my schedule planned out in my head and had it shaken the moment I walked out from the house. Why was it so cold? T____T

It was the last week of December. I arrived at my friend’s house around midnight and it was pitch black outside. Once I stepped out of the cab, I began to shiver with cold. Definitely, I was not prepared for this. Before I was hit by an extremely cold wind, I realised that there was no lift in my friend’s apartment. So, thinking on the bright side, I could actually warm up myself by climbing up five storey building.

I was really nice to see my high-school mate, Siok Ni again after ten years since graduated. Siok Ni had been living in Glasgow for a few years, studying medicine (very smart girl). So, I could rely on her being my guide to tour around Glasgow.

Early in the morning, we woke up at six and started our journey. Siok Ni recommended some free places to go in Glasgow.

1. Pollok Country Park

If you are a lover of nature, I guess you will love Pollok Country Park. The park is located at Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow. Pollok Country Park is Glasgow’s largest park and the only Country Park within Glasgow. There is no entrance fee needed. It requires quite a fair bit of walk since the park has extensive woodlands and gardens.

We walked along the path in the park and it was foggy and misty. The path was wet but the air was refreshing. The trees looked a little sad as the frost had killed all the flowers and the trees stood naked along the path.

Highland Cow at Pollok Country Park, Glasgow, Scotland

Highland Cows

We finally arrived at Pollok House and there is a maze in front of the house. Due to the cold weather, some flowers were no longer blossom. Pollok House was home to the Maxwell family and gives a real taste of upstairs/downstairs life in the 1930s. We supposed to pay a visit to Pollok House as the below stairs area is free to visit all year round. However, for some reasons, it was not available for public on that day.

With disappointment, we just walked around the maze garden and it started to drizzle. My hands and feet were benumbed with cold. My nose began to run and ears were as cold as ice. I suggested leaving the park and heading to museums instead before my hands and legs paralysed.

2. Pollok House

3. Maze Garden

4. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

We hastened to our next destination – Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. It is located at Argyle Street, at the City Of Glasgow. We were glad that we made it into the museum before the weather became intensely cold.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is one of Scotland’s most popular free attractions and features 22 themed, state-of-the-art galleries displaying astonishing objects. If you enjoy painting, you will like strolling in this museum which is filled with paintings and art-crafts.

A view of hanging faces with expressions at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

This museum was around 110 years old when we visited it. The collections at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum are extensive, wide-ranging and internationally significant. They include natural history, arms and armour, art from many art movements and periods of history and much more.

Besides all the exhibits, Kelvingrove has a restaurant, a café and a gift shop.


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