A Rustic Pleasure – Lacock, Wiltshire

December 23, 2015
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December 22, 2015
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A Rustic Pleasure

Wednesday was a sunny day in Chippenham. Initially, we planned to take a trip to Cardiff instead of Lacock. Since we have a plane to catch on Friday, Lewis proposed to visit Lacock which is nearer to Chippenham. In fact, he got really excited to visit Lacock (because he said there is a ‘cock’ in the name of the village).

It wasn’t a sweltering day in Lacock but breezy. Sunny spells developed early in the morning, motivating us to stroll around Lacock, a National Trust village in Wiltshire. We were lucky enough to take a glance at the Christmas at Lacock.

It was quaint and picturesque, imbued with spirit. We walked passed a restaurant – the Carpenters Arms but didn’t manage to get a seat for lunch as we didn’t pre-book a place. We had a quick look at the menu, it seems a little bit pricey for us. Thus, there was not much disappointment in us as we knew we could get a better deal in Chippenham.

Lacock Abbey

Lacock is unique with the thatched and stone cottages, bringing us back to 18th century. Those cottages generally have a low threshold for the door frame. It made me wonder how could a 7 feet dude live back then in such house.

Strolling around the village,  I saw there are half-timbered black and white houses as they remain vintage even though they appear to be asymmetric. I love the atmosphere in this quintessential English village, it is warmth and welcoming.  We followed some tourists, arriving at Lacock Abbey and Fox Talbot Museum.

The price of the tickets varies. An adult has to pay  £8.70 per ticket to visit the Cloisters in the Abbey and Museum. It costs slightly more (£11.80 per ticket) to visit the entire Abbey and Museum.  Lacock Abbey was founded in 1232 and it has over 800 years history. It started as an abbey and nunnery and subsequently turned into a family home.

It is amazing to see the Abbey is survived until today.  If you like photographing, you might love finding out the history of photography. Fox Talbot Museum displays the great work of William Fox Talbot, who created the world’s first photographic negative in Lacock Abbey.

Sign of the Angel Inn

We came to another restaurant in Lacock after visiting Lacock Abbey – the Sign of the Angel Inn. It is a homely Inn which serves food and drinks. It also provides accommodation. Lacock is generally a small village, with some shops selling handicrafts, chocolates and honey.  It was cold with sunny intervals in Lacock. It looks festive with holly and Christmas trees around. With well-protected heritage, I believe Lacock is beautiful at any time of year.

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