London, England: Party Under the Neon Lights

December 20, 2015
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December 15, 2015
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December 20, 2015

Southbank Centre Christmas Market

Promenading along the riverside, we had the chance to have a glance at the River Thames buildings.  Southbank Centre Christmas Market came back for 2015 and it was located between London Eye and Waterloo Bridge. Since it was Saturday, many parents had brought their kids to meet the Santa at Southbank Centre Christmas Market. Further, from the Christmas Market, there were many wooden chalets selling a different kind of gifts, food and drinks along the River Thames. It was a luxury to enjoy hot sausages and hog roasts on a breezy day, overlooking the Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

This is a place which you can cut loose and scream your lungs out

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is not something new in London. It’s London spectacular Christmas destination. The nearest undergrounds to the Winter Wonderland are Bond Street, Paddington and Victoria, Green Park. The lineup was diverse. We followed the flow and soon blended in this huge Christmas fun fair.  With the neon lights hanging above the head and colourful Christmas decorations, we lost our sense of direction soon after we joined the crowd.

We came to Winter Wonderland with an innocent intention to try some Christmas food. Yes. There is plenty food in Winter Wonderland, especially the Famous Bavarian Village. A massive crowd gathered at the Bavarian Beer Garden, relaxing at the covered seating.  We had made our way to a Christmas-themed playground full with laughter, yell and weep. Kids were running around, hunting for sweet snacks while adults enjoyed their beer at the outside bars. There are Bar Ice, Mr.Fogg’s Cocktail Bar, Artic Lodge Bar and Mirror Bar providing drinks. We were struggling to pick some food in a sea of choices. At the end, we left with an empty stomach after frightening by a crackling sound from the Fire Pit.

Bavarian Village

Past the famous Bavarian Village, we ended up strolling around more than 200 Bavarian style wooden chalets at the Christmas Market. Beautiful chalets were decorated with the fairy lights. A variety of Christmas gifts is available in Christmas Market. I wasn’t sure whether people actually really buy gifts from those wooden chalets or they were simply there for the Christmas atmosphere. There are many other attractions at the Winter Wonderland such as the Circus, the Magical Ice Kingdom, Ski Zillertal Ice Rink and Pirate Island. I was more excited about the rides. Initially, we were planning to take a ride on Giant Observation Wheel so that we could see the entire city of London. However, we changed our mind after realising that it would take about 55 minutes for a ride. Without leaving with disappointment, we ended up playing bumper car with a bunch of kids. Wonder maybe great for some people but it could be a nightmare for parents who have to run around with their overexcited kids.

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