Currency is a Big Thing

November 8, 2016
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November 2, 2016
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November 10, 2016

So, last  Sunday I was talking to Lewis and we sorta talked about “currency”. I was trying to make him understand how Malaysia currency is not working in favour of me.

Me:  Imagine that GBP20 is converted into RM, that’s around RM100.

Him: GBP20 is nothing in UK, it is so small.

Me: But I am earning RM and I am spending in pounds.

Him: Yea. I am earning pounds and spending in pounds.

LOL Counsel, you need a stronger fact! How does your “I am earning pounds and spending in pounds” rebut my statement? I am more than happy if I could earn pounds and spend in pounds.

Sometimes, the currency for two different countries could really cause a lot of pain. And this topic is not something new. It always pops up whenever we plan for our holidays, buy a gift and etc. I am currently working in Malaysia, earning Ringgit Malaysia. Lewis born and raise in Scotland and is currently working in England.

I understand that there must be an equality in a relationship, so does it mean 50:50? However, 50:50 in ratio or 50:50 in the same currency. Apparently, earning Ringgit and spending in Sterling Pounds can never work in favour of me. Imagine that we buy a gift for a friend that costs GBP200 and both of us have to share. So, I have to come out with GBP100 which is equivalent to approximately RM550. How does it consider fair?

Yes, spending money is unavoidable when coming to travelling. But if you are in a long distance relationship, the currency becomes so sensitive sometimes. If going-Dutch is so important in a relationship, then it should be calculated based on the percentage of each earning power i.e. 20% of one’s monthly income.

Most of the time, perhaps initially we don’t really mind spending as much as we can. But sometimes, due to the refusal of the other party to understand our frustration or struggle, we become calculative and crazy to draw out every single formula that how should “equality” be achieved. What is the point? Maybe at this point in time, you have better earning power than your loved one but one-day thing might change. Who knows?

This type of argument is always unnecessary yet couples always like to poke on this sensitive topic which can lead to a ridiculous argument. If you really love a person, do you really want to draw the intestine of the body and calculate every single penny you spend on him or her?

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